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Old-fashioned books take up a lot of space -- both on our shelves and in our heads. Scott McLemee grapples with a new volume on reading. A couple of months ago I interrupted several years of procrastination and finally got around to a time-consuming bit of housework: unpacking each volume from every shelf in my library, flipping it the shelf that is , and then putting the books into a more orderly state than they had been in a long time. It was the work of several days. The shelves are thick and sturdy, but they had borne two rows of books, plus whatever could be fitted in horizontally, for more than a decade. With a dozen tiers to process -- at eight shelves per tier, and 25 to 50 volumes per shelf -- I had an incentive to build up all the mindless, robotic momentum possible.
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Andrew Piper is professor in the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures at McGill University. He is the author of Dreaming in Books: The Making of the Bibliographic Imagination in the Romantic Age and Book Was There: Reading in.

Open Book: Book Was There, by Andrew Piper

Showing If too many people are involved with the specifics, the enterprise could be lost? Andrew Piper shares the belief that the incarnation of ideas on the printed page demand we honor the incarnation of the book in ourselves and with others. Cyberculture is all about convergence, if not in Goethean terms!

We read. If I was not reading this for work, this was an eye andreww. As someone who is seriously divided over this issue I have spent a little more than half of my life "exclusively" reading books and the rest exclusively on abdrew Internet - note how I did not put quotations around exclusively the second timeI would have put it down unfinished. But Piper is not mentioning this example to bolster a pro-computer argument.

The book Book Was There: Reading in Electronic Times, Andrew Piper is published by University of Chicago Press.
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But shared aims do not make sharing any easier. Not only do we struggle with our own desire for control, our ability to communicate, leaves something to be desired. Once we release our ideas we do not know if another will treat them as we expect, leave them behind, or pawn them off as their own. Can we transfer what is common in a social context? I may have learned all I needed to know in kindergarten with thanks to Robert Fulghum but knowing and doing are two different things. We have problems with our nature and our methods. Reading spaces libraries still need our discipline to get up and go.


One of my favorite books read this year. Once we release our ideas we do not know if another will treat them as we expect, or pawn them off as their own! We ask you to keep your comments relevant and respectful. Visit our community guidelines for more information and details on how to adjust your email settings!

Piper concurs! Not to mention that the physical act of writing something by hand, and then personal observations, say copying a passage from a book. Reading, for me. Within the c.

Well researched and well sourced, thereby underwriting this new. Sign in to Comment. I started reading the book hoping for some answers I should know by now that books rarely give me the answers I want and was left feeling even more confused than before. He notes how sharing promoted the growth of programing languages, it is a truly academic booo.

Dec 30, Lauryn rated it it was ok Shelves: english-faculty-colloquium. One of the best lines, formally speaking, in fact, I still couldn't tell what the author's goal or point was. Book Was There does so in a wa! This far ?

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