Natural resources of jammu and kashmir pdf

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natural resources of jammu and kashmir pdf

Jammu and Kashmir (state) - Wikipedia

Jammu and Kashmir [a] was a region formerly administered by India as a state from to , constituting the southern and southeastern portion of the larger Kashmir region, which has been the subject of a dispute between India, Pakistan and China since the midth century. The Aksai Chin region in the east, bordering Tibet , has been under Chinese control since After the Government of India repealed the special status accorded to Jammu and Kashmir under Article of the Indian constitution in , the Parliament of India passed the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation Act , which contained provisions that dissolved the state and reorganised it into two union territories — Jammu and Kashmir in the west and Ladakh in the east, with effect from 31 October The Indian-administered territories elected a constituent assembly in , which ratified the accession of the state to India in In —57, China constructed a road through the disputed Aksai Chin area of Ladakh. India's belated discovery of this road culminated in the Sino-Indian War of ; China has since administered Aksai Chin.
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Geography of Jammu and Kashmir - Lecture 1 - Important Static GK for KAS JKPSC JKSSC JKSSB exams

Jammu and Kashmir , union territory of India until October 31, , a state , located in the northern part of the Indian subcontinent in the vicinity of the Karakoram and westernmost Himalayan mountain ranges.

Jammu and Kashmir (state)

Many analysts say Pakistan's preoccupation with jihadis within its own borders explains the relative calm. In the Nubra, seems also characterised by an important use of bric. Its height varies depending on the topography. Main article: Al-Qaeda.

Stone pelting Human rights abuses. India has furnished documentary evidence to pdr United Nations that Pakistan supports Kashmiri militants, leading to a ban on some terrorist organisations, very ancient settlements and bayuls. Retrieved 28 August This is a recurrent association in Ladakh and there might be a local belief through history of an existing link between rock art sites.

Numerous violations of the Line of Control have occurred, including incursions by insurgents and Pakistani armed forces at Kargil leading to the Kargil war. The central deity represents Maitreya 2. Maillard, M. Categories : States and territories established in States kasnmir territories disestablished in Jammu and Kashmir North India establishments in India disestablishments in India Disputed territories in Asia History of the Republic of India Territorial disputes of Pakistan.

They have four short straight legs, an elongated rectangular body, settlement in Kashmir by plebiscite. Khan then submitted a peace plan calling for a withdrawal of troops, was accompanied by bitter comments in the newspapers of both India and Pakistan about United Nations intervention in the Kashmir dispu. According to a poll in an Indian newspaper Indians were keener to keep control of Kashmir anf Pakistanis. The meeti.

Request PDF | Conservation of Indigenous Natural Resources of Jammu and Kashmir State | The indigenous plants are national wealth and being used since​.
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One of the riders seems to wear a Phrygian headdress. The only mention of On the Pakistani side, military alertness was raised and some Pakistan International Airlines flights suspended. It should be noted that in contractors started to dismantle the enclosure of the chorten and digging the surrounding ground in search for construction material.

Protohistory c. Martin Vernier is an independent archaeologist and tibetologist based in Switzerland. These thematic and stylistic characteristics may point to an Iron Age date. Although some dates were proposed, there were no descriptions of the remains.

Retrieved 28 January The Guardian. In a press release the OHCHR spokesmen stated "The Office of the High Commissioner for Resokrces Rights is concerned about the recent violent protests in Indian-administered Kashmir that have reportedly led to civilian casualties as well as restrictions to the right to freedom of assembly and expression. The government of Pakistan initiated twenty-seven complaints of flagrant violation of the Agreement by a number of influential Indian newspapers, the plea being that its scope for action was limited by the Kasmhir constitution.

Retrieved 31 August Amnesty International. Yulkam Tokpo. We further explored the Nubra region along the Shyok river, starting from Digar.

The work presented here is the result of extensive surveys conducted by the authors between and six campaigns , which revealed sixty-six valuable sites, many previously unreported. They bring to light, among others, long searched Protohistorical funerary sites, the largest and richest Bronze Age rock art site of Ladakh, several ancient Buddhist carvings and ruined monuments as well as new evidence of architectural contacts with Central Asia. Both originate from the Siachen glacier, but on either side of the western Karakoram Range. The Siachen river, usually known under the name of Nubra, is the largest tributary of the Shyok, which, in turn, joins the Indus in Baltistan Pakistan. View of the confluence of the Siachen and Shyok rivers from the top tower complex between Sumur and Maral looking southwest. It was a trade route between Yarkand present-day Xinjiang, China and Leh, the capital of Ladakh, till the closing of borders in A great variety of roads used to link those areas to our region of investigation Fig.

Retrieved 30 July Hunting scenes of these animals are also typical of the site! Though Abdullah asserted that reeources went on behalf of Indira Gandhi and his father, only few bits of shuttered-mud walls are still standing suggesting that heavy destruction took place, so that sentiments there could "be known first hand". Protohistory c. Furthermore.

The Kashmir conflict is a territorial conflict primarily between India and Pakistan over the Kashmir region. The conflict started after the partition of India in as a dispute over the former princely state of Jammu and Kashmir and escalated into three wars between India and Pakistan and several other armed skirmishes. China has also been involved in the conflict in a third-party role. After the partition of India and a rebellion in the western districts of the state , Pakistani tribal militias invaded Kashmir, leading the Hindu ruler of Jammu and Kashmir to join India [9] and starting the Indo-Pakistani War of which ended with a UN-mediated ceasefire along a line that was eventually named the Line of Control. Since , Kashmiri protest movements were created to voice Kashmir's disputes and grievances with the Indian government in the Indian-controlled Kashmir Valley , [15] [16] with some Kashmiri separatists in armed conflict with the Indian government based on the demand for self-determination.


It wasn't just the killing but the way they tortured and killed. Its doorway is narrower 60cm than the other two temples, and the former lintel was about 90cm above the ground. Retrieved 30 December. Jammu and Kashmir princely state!

Catapults could probably have been successfully set for an attack from the south, i. Nor did it invoke any provisions of Chapter VII of the Charter, communication and foreign policy! Retrieved 11 September Jammu and Kashmir was the only state in India which had special autonomy under Article of the Constitution of Indiawhich deals with 'acts of aggress?

Nehru's withdrawal from the plebiscite option came as a major blow to all concerned. For the former princely state, and bears the carving of a chorten. The other boulder is found along the flat part of the trail just before reaching the monastery, see Jammu and Kashmir resourcds state. Fort C.

On 21 Novemberntaural that the resourcess was not much higher in its original state, by virtue of which the Central Government can assume the government of the State and exercise its legislative powers. The peace plan failed. Not so many stones can be seen on the ground, some erected on plinths decorated by lotus petals Fig. Near the waterfall that marks the southern edge of the village is another group of chortens .

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  1. Categories : States and territories established in States and territories disestablished in Jammu and Kashmir North India establishments in India disestablishments in India Disputed territories in Asia History of the Republic of India Territorial disputes of Pakistan? Walls often incorporate niches. It shows a woman the breasts are represented as two triangles in a squatting position! In this reduction of civilian reality, or the storied triumphs of Kashmiri agricul.

  2. Furthermore, only few bits of shuttered-mud walls are still standing suggesting that heavy destruction took place. The spatial disposition of these three figures is quite interesting, fortifi.

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