Beat zen square zen and zen pdf

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beat zen square zen and zen pdf

"Beat Zen, Square Zen, and Zen" -- great Alan Watts essay - Church of the Churchless

Although written at different times during the past four years, the essays here gathered together have a common point of focus—the spiritual or mystical experience and its relation to ordinary material life. Having said this, I am instantly aware that I have used the wrong words; and yet there are no satisfactory alternatives. Spiritual and mystical suggest something rarefied, otherworldly, and loftily religious, opposed to an ordinary material life which is simply practical and commonplace. The whole point of these essays is to show the fallacy of this opposition, to show that the spiritual is not to be separated from the material, nor the wonderful from the ordinary. We need, above all, to disentangle ourselves from habits of speech and thought which set the two apart, making it impossible for us to see that this —the immediate, everyday, and present experience—is IT, the entire and ultimate point for the existence of a universe. But the recognition that the two are one comes to pass in an elusive, though relatively common, state of consciousness which has fascinated me beyond all else since I was seventeen years old. I am neither a preacher nor a reformer, for I like to write and talk about this way of seeing things as one sings in the bathtub or splashes in the sea.
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Alan Watts~ Beat Zen & Hasidism

Alan Watts discusses his concept of three types of Zen in the West; beat Zen, square Zen and just plain Zen.

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Most civilized people do in fact feel that way, because they have a kind of myopic attention focused on their own boundaries and what is inside those boundaries. For square Zen is the Zen of established tradition in Japan with its clearly defined hierarchy, its rigid discipline, one has the realization that this is a new bend in the course and that the whole flood of the stream is behind it. And thus ahd using intelligence what has hitherto been the course of nature.

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Soon you realize you are absolutely up against it. And you run from the maternity ward to the crematorium, too, baby. Your honor. All that I have been describing is a subjective feeling. And your idea that you're a machine is just a machine.

A beatnik bore some resemblance to today's hipster. I was just ten years old in , so wasn't able to embrace the beat generation thing. Had to wait until the 60's to dive into the next counter-cultural evolution: hippies. It was a pleasure to rediscover it after a cursory reading years ago. The version of the essay I read is considerably expanded and amended from the original.


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  1. Polygamy, for example,wouldbe allvery well if one had unlimited time to devoteto eachspouse. Showing For square Zen is the Ebat of established tradition in Japan with its clearly defined hierarchy, its rigid discipline. What would happen if the very best actor was confronted by the very best audience.

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