Television poem questions and answers pdf

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television poem questions and answers pdf

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What is the most important the poet has learned so far as children are concerned? The most important thing the poet has learned regarding children is that the parents should never allow their children near the television set. What has the poet experienced at almost every house he has been? In almost every house he has been, he has seen them gaping at the screen. What are they? Why does parents let their children watch TV? They let their children watch television because it allows them to do household chore like cooking and washing dishes without any disturbance.
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Television Workbook Answers Treasure Trove class 9 & 10 ICSE

Television by Roald Dahl

The children will now do whatever children used to do before there was television. They behave like zombies, and have no control over their minds. You Might Also Like. In quesions contrast to cannibalism is Beatrix Potter.

This phrase is actually a transferred epithet, in the sense that it is not the television set that is idiotic, or hitting their parents with sticks. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Children can be guided to watch educational programmes and newscasts. The initial reaction of them would be some dir.

He gave this advice in continuation of his suggestion of throwing TV poe away. These cookies do not store any personal information. It is easy to imagine the speaker raging in disappointment over the parents and their children. If the child is distracted then the parent is able to get everything done they need to.

He does so with characteristic zeal and outrage. It's really really needed. They used to read books filled with tales of treasure islands, elephants and can? What will be the initial reaction of the children if parents throw the TV set away and install a book-shelf in its place.

Anonymous 12 August at However, by putting their own convenience aside. Anonymous 18 July at They are fascinated and intoxicated by the meaningless entertainment that is churned out on Amswers.

It is a sidebar to the monologue but a detail he felt he needed to add! It is clear the speaker is getting annoyed with ansewrs intended listeners. It takes away their ability to think and they can only keep staring at the television screen. Any type of font does not change the meaning of the words?

Question 1. Explain with reference to context. Answer: These lines are taken from the poem TELEVISION, written by Roald Dahl, a British.
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Television by Roald Dahl Explained

He says that books are better than television. According to the poet, the 'eyes' of the children pop out when they keep watching the television for too long, and with no stopping. In order words, he tries to say that their eyes are harmed. He uses this figure of speech, to make the poem more amusing, and interesting. Scheme followed throughout the extract is aa, nn, cc and so on.

Answer: Yes I agree. It feezes thier thinking power. It dulls their sensibilities and they behave like zombies. The parents would likely cry out in frustration over the whole situation. Consequently, they reveal the negative attitude of the voice towards television.

Dahl chose to give this poem an aabbccdd, pattern of rhyme. The end sounds alternate as he saw fit throughout the text. Some of the end words are more perfectly rhymed than others, and some such as those in line 17 and 18 are almost identical. There are many images in this poem that are striking. This makes sense due to the fact that this particular poem is concerned with television and all the terrible and wonderful images a child can see on its screen.


Answer: Parent, should provide their kids with story books. Do you think Dahl is being extreme when he recommends that television sets should be tossed-out of our homes. Anonymous 13 December at Your Email.

He says that books are better than television. It means to invite the readers to read and think at a certain pace. According to the poet, what should be done to save children from the hypnotism of television. What impression do you get of the children after reading the poem?

It is a stinging satire on Television. He knows the kids will not react well to this change but it will be in their best interest. Thank you The speaker pleads with the parents to do whatever they can to get their kids away from the televisions.

Any type of font does not change the meaning of televixion words. By the time he finishes the third and fourth lines there is no doubt that reading was the main occupation of children in the past. Answer: The children should be encouraged to read and read books. Answer: Beatrix Potter was a children-books author like Dahl.

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