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paul gertner steel and silver pdf

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Paul Gertner is an American close-up magician from Pittsburgh. Paul Gertner's interest in magic began as a child, borrowing library books on the subject. When he was sixteen, Paul worked nights at the Forks Hotel in Buffalo, New York, learning a great deal about how to interact with an audience and the psychological side of performing. His mentor there was the Forks' owner, legendary bar magician Eddie Fechter. That's Ridiculous comprises coins appearing magically underneath playing cards placed on a table. This routine is fast-paced and energetic, with the rapid-fire production of six half dollars , two silver dollars , and finally an oversized giant half-dollar in only a few seconds. Three steel ball bearings vanish and appear in and around three steel cups.
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REVEALED - Paul Gertner's Card Trick that FOOLED Penn and Teller!

Paul Gertner Steel and Silver 1994

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