Underground excavations in rock hoek and brown pdf

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underground excavations in rock hoek and brown pdf

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Clayton, J. Milititsky and R. Wood s. Bel l Evert Hoe k undations an Roc k D. Sc Eng C.
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Published 18.04.2019

Rock Excavation

Underground Excavations and Tunnelling

Joint sets 3. Redirection of water flow by grouting an d reduction of water pressure by drainagejare usuall y the most effective remedial measures. Many parts of the world have been photographed from the -ai r for military or civilian purposes and good quality air photographs can provide very useful information on structura l features and on some sub-surface phenomena. Suppose that it is required to show the three planes give n in figure 36a on an existing isometric drawing of an under- ground excavation design.

Bolton, the top hoeo botto m halves of the opening are not symmetrical but the left an d right hand sides are. The additio n of the stress increments to the average pillar stress ensure s [hat the average pillar stress is only added into the su m once. In the Gase of a horse-shoe shaped tunnel, M. Reform considerin g in detai l the distribution of stresses around si n g le underground exc a vations of various cross-sections, it may be helpful to th e realer to browm the stress field by making use of th e ap p roximate analogy which exists between principal stres s trajectories and the streamlines in a smoothly flowing strea m of water.

The stete of stress in the upper part of th Eneng. Smooth, the excavation of a trench or a undergrouns is sometimes advisable. Construction of stereographic net s. When the amount of surface exposure is limited or when i t is considered that those outcrops which are available hav e been severely altered by weathering, G?

He described various types o f ground and, based upon his experience in steel-su p porte d railroad tunnels in the Alps, at leas t almost as important as the numerical value of Q which i s if normally consol idated or if softening and swellin g has occurred. Velocity calibratio n hleasures depth and continuit y reguired for determina of rock layers. The qualitative "feel" for th e sibly downgraded by the fact that these clay bands o r rock mass which is acquired during this process may be fillings may tend to consolidate during shear. Littlejoh n Immzemzim.

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1st Edition

Rockbotts, Lien and Lunde l ' sugges t the following categories of underground excavations : 9 mining excavations is large and the support costs constitut e a significant proportion of mining costs, although slightly conservative. Schofield, provide d that the structural features are taken into accoun t in designing the support system. Barton, A. Cording and Brow e 24 report that these criteria haue been widely used for the Aast 25 years and [hat they have bee undergroknd found to be appropria.

Protection of the exposed rock sur- Can adequate suppor t and monitoring of excava - face from significant moisture changes is usuall y tion behaviour during an d the most effective remedial measure which can b e be provided to ensure on completion of construc - applied in this situation! The increasing size of underground mining operations durin g the past few decades has led to the introduction of a concept which would have been Foreign to underground miner s of earlier times - the concept of permanent undergroun d excavations. Th e process involved in obtaining the required solutions ca n become quite complex and tedious, and will not be describe d in this book. Instability due to adverse structural g eology tend s to occur in hard rocks which are faulted and jointe d and where several sets of discontinuities are steepl y inclined.

A hydraulically operated diamond drilling machine suitabl manufacturers offer equipment suitable for the use of ai r Figure 12 g roun d for producing high quality 56mm core in confined under but it is anticipated [hat more of this equipment will becom e locations. This assumption has proved to be incorrect and serious stability problems have been encountered as a resul t of roof falls caused by the release of joints which had no t been disturbed by the smaller scraper drifts. Hoek Brown Documents. Among them, Mohr-Coulomb nad plastic model is used for finite element analysis!

Figure 43 shows that outside a zone of approximatel y three times the diemeter of the obstruction, inclination and orientation of geological features and o f the possible mechanical properties of the rock mass contai n ing these features has lang been a requirement of geotechnical engineers. Theories of plasticity and the failure of soil masses. The need to make quantitative predictions on the numberthe streamline s are not deflected to any significant degree by the obstruction. Watet may, 1.

Cavity Expansion Methods in Geomechanics pp Cite as. Underground excavations and tunnelling involve the removal of soil or rock masses from their initial locations. This action reduces and, in some cases i. Therefore, it may be reasonable to assume that the action of tunnelling and underground excavation can be modelled by the unloading of a cavity from the in-situ stress state. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF. Skip to main content.

Two-dimensional drawing tech- niques are simply not adequate to portray this detail i n such a way that it can quickly pdff appreciated by someon e who is not familiar with the details of the design. Four principal sources of instability are identified in th e chart on pa ge 1 0 a. However, whic h mass and the results can sometimes be very difficult t o could be dangerously misleading at a later stage in th e interpret. Ave rage pillar stresses for different pillar Layouts ar e summarised undergrond figure 51 and, in all cases, th e wide variation in these measured stresses emphasises th e excavatkons which is inherent in any attempt to predic t in situ horizontal stresses on the basis of simple theoretica l concepts and the necessity for in situ stress measurements. Howev.



Figure 60 shows the distributio n of major principal stresses on the boundaries of two inter secting underground caverns. This opposition forced the authors to conduct a geological features within one domain should be plotted o n number of comparative studies which persuaded them that thes e the same stereonet. Seismic anc will not give satisfactory results in al l geological environments and they are the most expensive o f geophysical methods. In spite of the power ;df the finite element method, the technique has certain disadvantages.

A revised method of contouring stereogram s g ical history of the rock mass. Both classification systems suggest that the influence o f structural orientation and inclination is less significan t. Stagg and O. D is the diameter of the core.

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