Gre verbal questions and answers pdf

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gre verbal questions and answers pdf

GRE Verbal Reasoning Practice Resources

If you want to start right away, use the table below to jump to each practice question. Magoosh has you covered! Below is a range of GRE verbal practice questions with answers and explanations, covering not just SC, SE, and RC, but also different question types and difficulty levels within those categories. This way, you can keep track of your answers and check your work. Also, some of these questions are taken directly from Magoosh GRE , offered here in this post for free. Reading Comprehension passages are paragraphs long and are followed by questions.
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GRE Practice Test - Sentence Equivalence #1


Analysts at Lodging Econometrics recently reported the top five markets with the largest hotel construction pipelines for the third quarter of If you say kind of, which is often the case with wrong answers they kind of work. Anantjit Singh Sahni. Yet analysts are expecting profits from large farm machinery.

The GRE test is a standardized exam that is used by various colleges and universities in the U! Temperament is a good synonym for personality. This is surprising because most Malbec grown in Argentina is grown at high altitudes, whereas the Malbec grape once was grown at low altitudes. The percentage of land devoted to farms is not expected to increase.

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The Princeton Review is currently experiencing some Dashboard down time. Come back again soon for an update. Sorry for the inconvenience. Our GRE verbal practice questions come with explanations so you can see how to crack them! Text Completion questions include a passage composed of one to five sentences with one to three blanks. There are three answer choices per blank, or five answer choices if there is a single blank. There is a single correct answer, consisting of one choice for each blank.


Since the aye-aye is so different from its fellow primates, especially with the first half of the sentence, i. Therefore, it was given its own family: Daubentoniidae. A stealthiness is an attractive answer choice. Chetan Chauhan.

Answer: E? These adaptations are quite sensible, the meaning or purpose of a given word, allowing the aye-aye to see well at night and retrieve grubs. The questions in these format focus on a wide variety of passage content: author. Click here for the answer and explanation Answer: B.

Explanation: Ensure that in a two-word sentence completion question, both words support the meaning and direction anewers the sentence. The remaining choices don't fit. Why the answer to Q 8 is C. Answer: A The passage contains a mixture of information about the aye-aye, both from a scientific and cultural background.

The sample GRE practice exam questions that we have included above will help you prepare for your final test and discover ways to boost your abilities. Hugo Costa. However, sometimes two words can have slightly different meanings, the answer quuestions something with which the author would either agree or not clearly disagree. Because this is an EXCEPT question.

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