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paul and rachel chandler book

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The night is murky, with neither moon nor starry constellations to lighten the dark expanses of sea and sky around us. As we motor-sail onward, only the occasional whirring of the electric autopilot interrupts the all-encompassing drone of the engine. My head is fuzzy and I'm feeling queasy. I sit on deck next to the wheel, trying not to look at my watch. Time is passing slowly tonight. I go through the motions: keeping a look out, monitoring the instruments, allowing myself to doze in the knowledge that my alarm will buzz every 11 minutes to keep me alert.
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It wasn't really a pretty night," Rachel Chandler recalls. Small, sloshing waves were coming from the southeast, and a trickle of wind blew from the southwest.

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I believe in rescue being attempted at all costs. The images are very vivid which I am sure made writing this book and recollecting these memories quite painful. The Chandlers soon deduced that escape or rescue was unlikely. They were convinced the Chandlers had access to substantial wealth and throughout their captivity forced the couple to make calls from their mobile phone to worried relatives, pleading for the money to be paid.

Thanks for subscribing. Average rating 3. The couple describe a topsy-turvy cultural confusion about money, so farcical as to be funny under any other circumstances. The Chandlers are explicit that, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office did nothing to help.

At the heart of their survival was their unshakable belief in each other and their determination to survive against all the odds. I think they got it wrong here. We prepare ourselves by eating well and resting as much as we can, but it's often abd until day four that I stop feeling sick.

Enter your email address Continue Continue Please enter an email address Email address is invalid Fill out this field Email address is invalid Email already exists. Paul tended to focus on the here and now: "Overcast, a little wind," reads one entry in neat blue ink. However, the story wasn't particularly well written. Damage: Paul indicates the bullet hole in the boom made by a round from an AK47 which accidentally went off when mishandled by one of their kidnappers!

Hamish McRae. Shappi Khorsandi. To be homed in on by a vessel at night is unusual. No education, no econo.

Instead, they found the euphoria of release kept them going for a while. Once back in Britain, they started trying on outfits. After showering and draining the Chandlers' entire supply of fresh water, they spent more than a year as hostages of Somali pirates. Finally free: The Chandlers attending a ceremony to celebrate their release in the town of Adado in central Somalia, in November.

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Couple held by Somali pirates speaks out

Helen rated it really liked it Jun 18, Racnel the Chandlers are alive with anticipation. What do these thugs want from us. The Chandlers clutched each other even tighter. I was reading the book both because I wanted to know about Somali Piracy and also because I was interested in knowing more about this particular incident involving the Chandlers.

Paul and Rachel Chandler's gripping account of captivity in Somalia is food for thought. At first glance, a new book by British sailors Paul and Rachel Chandler has a happy ending. The couple, who were attacked by Somali pirates off the coast of the Seychelles in and held in captivity for over a year, were eventually released safe and sound. After reading their book and talking to them last week, however, my lasting impression of their experience is its sheer senselessness and inhumanity. This is a sailing tale with only hard lessons.


Canvas covers are drawn tight across neighbouring boats secured for the winter by their owners! What do these thugs want from us. Kidnapped: A video filmed by the pirates in Somalia during their time in bpok shows the Chandlers guarded by an armed pirate. After reading their book and talking to them last week, however.

There are no panic attacks or flashbacks. Rachel exploded. But then nothing happened. They prowl the ocean with the faster attack skiffs tied alongside, miles offshore.

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