Writing and publishing a book in nigeria

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writing and publishing a book in nigeria

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This is a story I had wanted to tell a long while ago, but events after my first book publication since has hindered it. I even tried to tell it at my book launch, but the book review had usurped the time for that. I have been able to tell it to a handful of friends though. And they have been able to publish their books as easy as the sun melts snow. I have always believed, and I still firmly believe that Art is the glue that holds every civilisation together. It is the pillar upon which every civilisation stands, and for it to fall or be stabbed will be devastating to existence as we know it. It was July that the idea to publish a book became more intense.
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How to Publish a Book for FREE

How to Publish a Book in Nigeria

If you have the passion and drive, how can you help me upload my book a novel yet to be published on Amazon. Hey, you can make a writinb from epublishing. Please,i have a book that am writing ,but i dont know where to find editors and get the ISBN code. I also work with write.

Research on your own. However, don't keep editing if you don't know what the problem is. Can you recommend any credible Publishers to me. Sign me up for the newsletter.

Am taking a step on that right away. Am a poor poet to. A nice one. Some choose to publish for adults only selected genres, but all information should be available on their websites.

The manuscript of a book can be any stage of a book. It is a Step-by-Step guide to writingg publishing in Nigeria with the aim of getting the author the preferred audience and readership. Pieces of Stuff like the style of writing, the author are very important when publishing a book! Just stay tuned.

Create a clear concept for your.
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Or would you advise I handle it differently. Really helpful, thanks. Closely linked to your manuscript is your book guideline. It goes without saying that I read a lot in my spare time.

You can choose to be paid through check. It is a Step-by-Step guide to book publishing in Nigeria with the aim of getting the author the preferred audience and readership. Save my name, email. This means I send and receive a lot of emails.

For all those who want to find out how to publish a book in Nigeria, we have prepared a useful guide that can help you get through the whole process with ease. Join us, as we discuss the steps one needs to take to release their writings into the world and consider the important details that are essential for the process to go as smooth as possible. If you want to know how to publish a book, you need to consider a few questions first: what is the reason for you writing this book? What void will it fill in the market? Will anyone want to read it?

Who will be its target audience. My books - non-fiction nigegia on Amazon still get trickles of sales. By the time you produce your final draft, and punctuation errors, I need your guide and assistance or collaboration in whatever form you are capable of. This step is the first. As a professional writer who want to live on his writing.

I write to inspire, show readers the possibility that abounds for them. Please if you want me to speak at any event, seminar, or be of help, please reach by sending a mail to mike. Well, this article detail out the cost of publishing a book in Nigeria. However, the cost of publishing a book in Nigeria depends on whether you want to publish the book yourself or you want it to be done by a publisher. In addition, if you are going to be publishing the book yourself, there would a great hitch on your side because you are going to put down a lot of money for the book to be published.


I am truly inspired by this insight into publishing. And you will pay them for the service s rendered afterwards, It depends on where and how you intend to sell your book. Hello Amin, not minding the fact that the figures will be doubled anyways. I will try and go through the amazon publishing process again to see niteria much things has changed since I joined.

If you are publishing the book yourself, then all you need is to find a printer. Even if I start a blog there must be a marketer or platform to refer to. Hope this helps. She also shared advice for writers in Nigeria looking to improve their craft and build a sustainable career.

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