Questions and answers from the book of esther

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questions and answers from the book of esther

Esther 1 - 10 Questions and Answers

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QUESTIONS FOR ABRAHAM - Esther & Jerry Hicks

Questions and Answers on Chapter Six of Megillat Esther

They plundered but did not kill them. Note: Do your kids trust your word. According questionns Estherwhich of King Ahasuerus's eunuchs was the custodian of the women. She finally told him.

Did Questlons 2 reverse the decree to kill the Jews. According to Estherhow long did each young woman have to prepare before her turn to see King Ahasuerus. Vedibarta Bam Vedibarta Bam - Torah. Esther feared that when word reached them of what took place with their father they would arrange that their provinces revolt against the King.

According to Esther chapterwhere did Mordecai return after being paraded around in the city square. From India to Ethiopia. Were you not the barber in the village of Kartzum. She finally told him!

The twelfth day of the eleventh month. When his heart was "merry with wine", i. The princes of the provinces. According to Esther .

She couldn't do her people any good if everyone knew she was Jewish because it wasn't the right time. According to Estherwhat was the auestions of Bigthana and Teresh. According to Estherwhat did Esther take with her when she appeared before King Ahasuerus. In Esther chapter .

That they be released and pardoned. Moshiach and the Final Redemption. According to Estherwhich of King Ahasuerus's eunuchs was the custodian of the women, after the death of her parents. According to Esther .

Bring on the tough stuff - there’s not just one right answer.

Haman was it. How did the Jews react to the decree that they should be completely annihilated from the planet. He was a party animal. Esther 3 What background information does the passage give us about Mordecai in these ot.

According to Esther anx, what was the punishment for Bigthan and Teresh when their plot was confirmed. Find a quiz All quizzes. Enter your text you would like to search for. Who is this Mordecai.

He'd ask esthher from the king to do it in the middle of this night. Esther pleased King Ahasuerus. That Queen Esther was his cousin. According to Estherthat they might respond similarly to their own husbands. Her refusal to do so infuriated the king, which one of the eunuchs pointed out to the king the gallows that Haman made for Mordec.

There is a reason for every miracle that occurs as well as the manner in which it occurs. Why did this happen? The Gemara Shabbat 88a says that at Sinai Hashem lifted the mountain above the Jews and forced them to accept the Torah. Nevertheless, in the days of Achashveirosh they readily reaccepted it. Commentaries Tosafot ibid. An answer to this question is that the Torah consists of two parts, the Written and the Oral. The Jewish people were ready to accept the Written Torah, but not the Oral Torah which explains the Written one and transmits the whole corpus of Jewish law.


Mordecai's father. Ran out of the palace! What honor or dignity has been bestowed on Mordecai for this. No one had a good solution for the Mordechai problem, but his bool offered the advice to make a gallows.

Quizzes you may like? In Esther chapterwhat did Haman do after parading Mordecai through the city square. The twelfth day of the eleventh month. A breastplate of gold?

What reward has been given to Mordecai. According to Estherwho asked Esther again on the second day of the banquet what her petition was! Bpok to Estherwhich of the following was not one of the 10 sons of Haman. Why did this happen.

So everyone followed the same rule. Esther 5 Whom did Esther reveal as the person behind the plot to kill her people. Became furious and burned with anger. Esther 2 How were the tables turned in this situation in verse one of this book.

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  1. As long as their father was the most prominent person in the kingdom of Achashveirosh, they too were faithful. According to Estherwhat did King Ahasuerus do to honor Esther as his new queen. With words answees peace and truth. According to Estherfrom where would relief and deliverance arise for the Jews if Esther remained completely silent.💘

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